2021 Performance Dates

View upcoming  performance venues and special guests of the Alexis Arai tour. 2021 Performance Dates Monday April 4, 2021 Alexis Arai on “The Life Changes Show” 6:55pm PT Live on:    https://lifechangesnetwork.com/heavenly-alchemy-only-good-comes-to-me-627-pg2/?fbclid=IwAR2gH8Uhegytq4XF_c60-6sOKZ99dqNYR-xhBCftwGHqv85ZLoEzUngX9B4 Wednesday May 5, 2021Alexis Arai Solo Cinco De Mayo Fb Live Virtual Solo Show   4:30pm www.facebook.com/AlexisAraiMusic Friday May 28, 2021Alexis Arai Acoustic […]